Becoming Berenice

Produced and presented by Theatre Forge

Antiochus - Matt Franco
Arsace - Ariane Barnes
Berenice - Rosie Hilal
Paulin - Amanda Maud
Phenice - Cindy-Jane Armbruster
Titus - Samuel Lawrence

Director: David Furlong
Costume designer: Charlie Baptist
Composer: Tomas Wolstenholme
Lighting Designer: Berta Pibernat

Movement Director: Jennifer Kay

Choreographer: Jose Triguero
Dramaturg: Phil Morris
Assistant Producer: Amber Savva
Intern: Kai Hoegenacker

"Jenn's sensitivity made her work not only relevant but insightful. She worked exceptionally well with the different characters, body types and moods that can be present in any rehearsal process. She has a knack for gauging what makes actors tick and how to push at their physical boundaries gently and effectively. Her work was always primarily to serve the story, and she was flexible and inventive in the way she worked with the actors and team to do that. Jenn has a natural authority which exudes competence, understanding and calm, and I would trust her to work with anyone on anything in a confident and creatively stimulating and fun way"
Rosie Hilal, Lead Artist and Artistic Director Theatre Forge